• Neat and waterproof finish
  • Roof edges can be screwed or clamped
  • Fast and user-friendly assembly

Pandser supplies professional accessories for a high-grade finish of new or renovated roofs and to prevent any leakages along the facade. These products are easy to process and ensure a beautiful and waterproof result at the same time.

Daktrimmen standaard of kraaltrim

Aluminum roof edges

Dakdoorvoer WKFEP600 1030

EPDM roof rain water outlets

Pandser EPDM prefabhoeken

EPDM prefab corners

Pandser noppenbaan staand


Montageset voor daktrimmen

Mounting set roof trim

Pandser koppelstukken voor daktrimmen


Pandser EPDM daktrimmen

Roof trims