Aluminum roof edges

For bitumen & EPDM

Roof edges provide a beautiful and waterproof edge finish to roof cladding in bitumen and EPDM.

Pandser roof edges provide a beautiful and waterproof edge finish to roof cladding. This ensures a proper protection of the roof cladding in vulnerable areas and guarantees a longer service life. Our range offers solutions for both bitumen roofs and EPDM roof cladding. Our EPDM roof edge can also be used as a clamping profile, thanks to the massive aluminum.

Characteristics of Pandser EPDM roof edges

  • Suitable for EDPM roof cladding
  • No EPDM strip or sealant needed
  • Automatically waterproof sealed following the installation
  • Demountable and suitable for reuse
  • Available in bead edge version of 45 x 50 mm

Characteristics of Pandser standard roof edges

  • Suitable for roofs in bitumen
  • Executed in ribbed brute aluminum
  • Available in lengths of 2.50 meters with corner pieces and coupling pieces
  • Available in bead edge version of 25 x 50 mm


  • Functional and beautiful edge finish of roof cladding
  • User-friendly edges for EPDM roof cladding
  • Suitable for demanding exterior applications

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Ranging from 7 mm to 65 mm
Ranging from 25 mm to 2500 mm
Ranging from 35 mm to 500 mm

Available dimensions and thicknesses

PANDSER roof edges 7mm 25mm 35mm 45mm 60mm 65mm
2500mm x 35mm
2500 mm x 45 mm
2500 mm x 50 mm
500 mm x 500 mm
25 mm x 50 mm
35mm x 35mm
45mm x 45mm
60mm x 45mm

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