Waterproof and airtight facades

Pandser supplies professional materials and tools to make the joints in facades waterproof and airtight. Our total package is suitable for (mounting) window frames and foundations of existing and new houses and office buildings. The self-adhesive strips, lead substitutes and the complete system of primers and glues guarantee fast and user-friendly processing.

The advantages of Pandser products for facades:

  • Lasting elastic properties
  • No reaction to cement or mortar
  • More sustainable alternative for DPC foil

Check the products for a professional and waterproof finish of facades below.







EPDM - Strip

Epdm 1920X1280

UV-resistant EDPM strips suitable for making facades, windows and gutter drains waterproof and airtight.

EPDM strips of self-adhesive acrylic

Epdm Zelfklevend acryl 1920X1280

EPDM strips with a self-adhesive acrylic tape, applicable to most surfaces.

EPDM strips self-adhesive butyl

Epdm Zelfklevend butyl 1920X1280

EPDM strips with self-adhesive butyl layer for repairing flat roofs and waterproofing gutter drains.

Fast Flash lead substitute

Fastflash 1920X1280

A flexible and self-adhesive lead substitute for a fast and secure water-damming seal.

EPDM lead substitute

Dummy 1920x1280

Lead substitute with the flexible properties of traditional materials and the sustainability of EPDM.

EPDM spraybond

spraybond 1920X1280

A spray glue developed especially for Pandser EPDM products, based on synthetic rubber.

EPDM bonding adhesive

Dummy 1920x1280

A ready-to-use contact glue with strong adhesion for the overlapped gluing or surface gluing of EPDM foil.

EPDM primer

Epdm primer 1920X1280

Primer for the pretreatment of absorbent substrates and surfaces to which EPDM glue is applied.

EPDM adhesive & sealant

adhesive en sealant

A 1-K contact glue for the gluing and sealing of roof edges, angles, rainwater discharges and sleeves.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use the self-adhesive Pandser EPDM strips for all applications?
  • We recommend using the Pandser EPDM ZK-Acrylic as a water barrier for (interior) window frames, meaning for facades and cavity walls. The Pandser EPDM ZK-Butyl is more suited to be used on the outside. For example for gutters and repairs of the EPDM roof cladding.

  • Why should I apply EPDM strips and not DPC?

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