Waterproof solutions for

contractors and self-employed persons

A ready-made product can always be found in the Pandser range for a professional preparation, execution and finish of your project. An overview of our different product categories can be found here.


Categorie EPDM

A synthetic rubber with a service life longer than bitumen and DPC to waterproof flat or gently pitched roofs and as a water barrier at window frames or foundation.

Roof finish

Categorie EPDM 1024X768

Professional accessories for a high-grade finish of new or renovated roofs and to prevent any leakages.

Lead substitutes

Loodvervangers 1920X1280

Suitable as water barrier for several applications in roofs, dormer windows and cavity walls. Easier and faster to process than lead.

EPDM glues and sealants

Pandser Groep 1920X1280

A complete system of primer, glue and sealant for a proper pretreatment, adhesion and finish of EPDM.

EPDM tools

Pandser Groep Toebehoren 1920X1280

Tools that are perfectly customized to the materials and projects involving the sealing of roofs, facades and gutters.