EPDM - Roof cladding

Water-damming layer for flat and slightly pitched roofs

Extremely flexible roof cladding, insensitive to UV radiation and ozone, for flat and slightly pitched roofs.

Pandser EPDM roof cladding is a 1.14 mm thick foil made of synthetic rubber. This material is extremely flexible and insensitive to UV radiation and ozone. EPDM roof cladding is suitable for flat and slightly pitched roofs. This could either be a green roof, a weighted system or a fully adhesively bond system.

EPDM sheets larger than the maximum widths we are able to produce by default, are called roof membranes. The vulcanized joints between the strips of foil eliminate the need for professionals to make a joint connection and make it possible to seal a roof in one go.

Characteristics of Pandser EPDM roof cladding

  • High elasticity, perfectly compensating for deformation
  • Without plasticisers, so permanently flexible
  • Can be glued and is resistant to spreading sparks


  • Suitable for renovations and new constructions
  • Can be glued and is therefore applicable for every professional
  • Fast processing and light-load operation for professionals

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1.20 mm
Ranging from 2.8 m to 7 m
Delivery project-based per roll or m²
Per roll, in m² or one piece

Available dimensions and thicknesses

PANDSER EPDM roof cladding 1.20 mm
3 m x 4.2 m
3 m x 5.6 m
3 m x 7 m
4.5 m x 7 m
2.8 m x 30 m
2.8 m per m²
3.5 m x 30 m
3.5 m per m²
4.2 m x 30 m
4.2 m per m²
5.6 m x 30 m
5.6 m per m²
7 m x 30 m
7 m per m²

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