• Developed especially for Pandser products
  • Fast and user-friendly processing
  • Suitable for all stages of your project

It is important to use the proper glues and sealants to achieve a waterproof result. Pandser offers a full system of primers, glues and sealants to process EPDM. Onze producten zorgen voor een goede voorbehandeling, hechting en afwerking van EPDM en de ondergrond. Pandser glues are available in liquid form and as a spray.

EPDM Spraybond 22 liter

EPDM spraybond

EPDM bonding adhesive 1 liter

EPDM bonding adhesive

EPDM primer 1 liter

EPDM primer

EPDM kit adhesive & sealant

EPDM Adhesive & Sealant